I started with Cristina Caldwell as my coach 6 weeks post-surgical and only being able to walk. She took me from post-surgery through eight months of training to a successful 12:50 first IM finish at Boulder.

She is very, very well educated in nutrition, triathlon training, strength training, Neurodynamics, racing, recovery and more! She is an experienced coach/trainer and athlete.

Cristina took a few weeks of my food diary and analyzed it providing valuable feedback on what I needed to change. Cristina prepared me well for this race in all aspects! I trained off of using an HR monitor. I followed her plan, listened to her advice, and was successful! I finished strong, in the best shape of my life. Without Cristina’s plan on race day, I would have taken the bike out too hard and suffered greatly on the run. She trained me with a walk/run marathon and it worked well on race day. Race day I was able to run the whole marathon and walk the aid stations.

She provided great advice with a pre-race diet plan. She helped me with my nutrition, answered questions, encouraged, gave great advice and was overall an essential component of my successful race! Beyond race day, her wealth of knowledge on recovery post-race has been essential for resting, healing and avoiding injury. Cristina is a top-notch triathlon coach and I am so grateful to have her as mine!


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