I was a newcomer to the world of Long Course Triathlon competition this past 2014 season. I knew nothing about the nutrition and fueling needs required to back up training loads and competitions. I reached out to Tina through Valor Triathlon to set up a personalized fueling and nutrition plan for both Full and Half IM racing. Tina is extremely knowledgeable and steeped in research! Read her Blog! She was very detailed during our initial interview, gathering information on my past history and goals looking forward. We went over sweat rates and hydration, pre-race nutrition, sodium intake, and race fueling. What followed was an invaluable detailed hourly nutrition and fueling plan for each distance. I went on to complete the Syracuse Half IM and IMLP, and the nutrition plans worked to a tee for both races. Tina is passionate about what she does and takes the time to follow up with her athletes to see how things worked out should there be a need for adjustments.


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