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DIY Courses

Are you looking for expert guidance, but looking to go at your own pace?

Explore our nutrition and endurance training courses here. Choose the best option to help you reach your goals.

Team Membership

Are you looking for an online endurance team that provides both nutrition and training guidance?

A one of a kind, an all in one sports nutrition and endurance training membership. The team provides a step by step roadmap to achieve your goals through nutrition or a combination of nutrition and training. Take part in virtual team training, webinars, Q&As, meal plans, strength workouts and more. Plus have the support and accountability through your teammates. Check out our team.

Cristina Caldwell

1:1 Coaching

Are you looking to complete your first marathon, Ironman or a veteran athlete that wants to smash your PR?

Coach Cristina will expertly craft a training plan, provide frequent communication, update your plan based on your needs, and be with you every step of the way.

One of my favorite sayings is “Be the best you that you can be.” Goals are personal, and no two athletes will have the same goals. We all have different abilities as athletes, and no matter your ability, you deserve to be given the same high degree of coaching.

I will use customized and periodized training, using a combination of science based training protocols and the “art” in finding exactly how your body fits those protocols. Each athlete’s body will respond to training differently and as a coach I need to adjust your training to guide you on your athletic journey.

If you’d like to secure a limited 1:1 spot, schedule a call.

In addition to our 1:1 triathlon and run coaching, we also offer consultations and customized race fueling and  meal plans.

Customized Meal Plans, Race Fueling and Consultations

In addition to our 1:1 triathlon and run coaching, we also offer consultations and customized race fueling and  meal plans.

Science Based Sports Nutrition


We offer 30 and 60min consultations for nutrition or coaching.You know you need to make some changes in your dietary habits, but aren’t sure how. Maybe you have created a training plan for yourself to follow and you’d just like someone to take a look and make sure you’re on the right track. A consultation will allow you to ask specific questions like:

  • “How much should I be eating,”
  • “Am I training enough to have a strong marathon?”
  • “Does my training plan look good?”
  • “Am I eating enough around my training?”
  • “When should I be eating in relation to exercise.”
  • “Am I getting enough protein,” etc.

This session is yours to ask the questions that you need answers to, so that you can achieve your goals. You chose the direction of the conversation.

Science Based Sports Nutrition

Customized Meal Plans

Our Customized meal plans are perfect for helping you achieve your goals.

Your custom meal plan is created specifically for you and your endurance training needs. 

Meal plans include:

  • 3 meals per day
  • 1-3 snacks per day, depending on your goals
  • Detailed nutrition information
  • A complete grocery list

Two Options:

  • $49 (1 week)
  • $159 (4 week)

* meal plans are not meant for those that require medical nutrition therapy that should be under the care and consultation of a physician or dietitian.

    Runner - race day fuel plan

    Custom Fuel Plans: Elite Race Day Fuel Plan

    After training for months for a race, not having a nutrition plan can lead to serious issues come race day. Too many athletes don’t think about their nutrition, don’t go in with a plan and that can lead to some uncomfortable race conditions.

    If you’ve struggled with GI issues, you haven’t raced to your potential, or you don’t know what to eat during your race, a race day fuel plan will help you. Take the guess-work out of your nutrition. This plan should be done at least 8-12 weeks prior to your “A” race in order for you to practice it, and for me to make adjustments.

    A race day fuel plan:

    • You will fill out a comprehensive questionnaire regarding allergies, intolerances, previous race issues, current nutrition products and your goals
    • We will schedule a 30min phone conversation to go over the questionnaire
    • I will provide you with specific foods and fluids to eat before, during and after your race, based on your preferences and needs. You will be given specific times at which to eat or drink
    • The plan will provide calories, carbohydrates and sodium recommendations
    • We will schedule 3 follow up phone calls or online meetings as needed
    • Discounts for coached athletes

    Price: $297

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    Athletes’ Success Stories

    Cristina is an awesome coach! She is very knowledgeable in all aspects of triathlon and sports nutrition. I recommend her to anybody looking to improve their swim, bike, or run speed and endurance! Especially if you’re addicted to hearing, “YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!”.


    After running for five years, I started participating in triathlons. Although I finished two events, I was far down in the pack due to my inexperience with both swimming as well as with the bike. I chose Cristina from a list of other coaches because she specifically mentioned that she used a science-based approach to her training, including data from training tools such as Garmin. Since I have a career in a science-based field, I knew that someone who wasn’t up-to-date with current research wouldn’t be a good fit for me. Too, she went to a D1 college as a swimmer, so I knew that she would help me with swimming.


    Cristina’s personalized training has significantly improved my performance in a short period of time. Her ability to adjust based on my training data, work/life schedule and other factors allows me to progress regardless of what life throws at me. Cristina’s extensive education and training are readily apparent in her coaching, along with her cheery enthusiasm.  I am always confident that she has me well prepared on race day.


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